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Dans le sujet : Firefox Extension "Adblock"- Filter list

05/01/2006 - 14:39

[quote name='shizumaru' date='16 Dec 2005, 0:14'] Seiryo, thank you for reminding us that the first meaning of "ass" is NOT a vulgar one. Maybe you didn't do it on purpose, but "âne" sure is the translation of "ass"... in the "donkey", "ugly-hairy-little-horsey" way!

Just so you know (being rude is an art!), that meaning of "ass" is actually "cul" (don't pronounce the final "L").

shizu, and DTC means Dans Ton Cul :) loool

[quote]Merci beaucoups for that list but, I experienced several problems:

1. Many of the filters eliminate web sites where I work.  We use MS ActiveDirectory, and use fully-qualified domain names like "".  I removed these heavy-handed filters.

2. Adblock makes Firefox slow!  A site ( that loads in 5 seconds without Adblock (plus all the filters) now takes over 35 secs to load!!![/quote]
the list is outdated. A had created a new list once which was WAY shorter, and didn't blocked sourceforge etc. But I lost it.

Dans le sujet : Deutsch Board

03/12/2005 - 17:37

I don't speak Deutsh sorry...
But you know what, yesterday I read your last sentence and was astonished to understand it. I though "Oh God it's unbelievable how much Deutsch looks like English, I manage to understand what Seiryo said" and then I realized it was in English... XD

Dans le sujet : Deutsch Board

01/12/2005 - 17:45

sigh... boring. everytime I post something in here, you guyz stop posting. -_-

Dans le sujet : Deutsch Board

28/11/2005 - 00:14

Tool !
Ich kommt aus Calais.
Ich habe in Marz Geburtstag.
Wann hat Seiryo Gebutstag ?



Wann ich GB habe? Steht in meinem Profil auf Legendra ^_^

Hint: If you can not type äüö (auo with 2 dots over them), add an E to them (e.g. Maerz)

Dans le sujet : Deutsch Board

27/11/2005 - 04:22

Yo ich bin da ^_^