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E3 2009

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#151 Anthemis



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Posté 04/06/2009 - 20:23



Dead Rising est un rpg / Jm bokou les Tales of




#152 Riskbreaker



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Posté 04/06/2009 - 20:23


#153 Tommy



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Posté 04/06/2009 - 20:44


#154 Rotka

Posté 04/06/2009 - 21:23

Best jeu de l'e3 (après wii sport resort)

Image IPB
Image IPB
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Image IPB
Image IPB

#155 Soulhouf



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Posté 04/06/2009 - 21:46

Sauf qu'il a été montré à Los Angeles un mois avant l'E3 :yes:


Image IPB

Ils veulent pas le lacher le pauvre :XD:
Sans doute la star de l'E3 :lol:



#156 Benjimaru


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Posté 04/06/2009 - 22:02

Moi aussi je préfère les castle 2D

Moi j'aime plus c'est bien simple! Il ya que le Order of Ecclesia qui me branche ces derniers temps.

Sinon Soulhouf merci pour la vidéo de Juon sur Wii. :sensei:




#157 Hayward


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Posté 05/06/2009 - 00:14

En tout cas, l'E3 est redevenu le grand évènement que l'on connaissait d'il y a quelques années et ce n'est pas plus mal. Je n'ai jamais compris pourquoi ils avaient voulu changer leur "recette" alors que c'est ce qui fait tout l'intérêt de l'E3.

A part ça, je trouve le trailer de Castlevania alléchant et il me donne vraiment envie. Ce qui est dommage c'est qu'apparemment, il n'y a pas Michiru Yamane à la bande-son. Mais même si les opus GBA/DS sont sympathiques, ça fait du bien de voir quelque chose de totalement neuf. Les puristes vont crier au scandale car c'est un développeur espagnol qui s'occupe du jeu mais quand on voit leur travail sur Scrapland ou Clive Barker's Jericho qui sont, certes, un peu raté (enfin j'en sais trop rien n'y ayant jamais joué) mais qui ne sont pas totalement à jeter au feu.

Et puis j'ai toujours été attiré par les deux épisodes en 3D sortis sur XBox/PS2.

Mais bon, je suis l'E3 à moitié, donc j'espère qu'un bon compte-rendu sortira en magazine pour éviter que je rate des titres qui m'intéresseraient !

Pour le moment, c'est surtout les premières images de Golden Sun que j'attends avec impatience !

Image IPB
Demain est souvent le jour le plus chargé de la semaine.

#158 Luckra



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Posté 05/06/2009 - 00:18

Pour le moment, c'est surtout les premières images de Golden Sun que j'attends avec impatience !

Par ici :yes: !



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#159 MeDioN


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Posté 05/06/2009 - 00:20


"L'orthographe, la syntaxe et la grammaire constituent la première forme de pensée structurée. Or, une structure de pensée, de raisonnement, est indispensable au développement de l'intelligence." Laurent Lafforgue
"La méfiance est toujours pour moi une des formes de l'intelligence. La confiance une des formes de la bêtise." Paul Léautaud



#160 Hayward


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Posté 05/06/2009 - 00:28

Oui je suis allé voir les news de Legendra après avoir posté, ahah. :ph34r:

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Demain est souvent le jour le plus chargé de la semaine.

#161 Magus


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Posté 05/06/2009 - 00:45


De la bonne 3D pour Medion ! :ph34r:


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#162 Soulhouf



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Posté 05/06/2009 - 09:05

comme les jeux Camelot sur Saturn :ph34r:

Sinon il y a un jeu présenté à l'E3 que je n'ai pas vu mais tous les commentaires que j'ai lu dessus décrivent un jeu incroyable. Il s'appelle Scribblenauts et croyez-moi, on va beaucoup en entendre parler.

Voici un commentaire:

I had played all the big titles at E3. Private showings of God of War III, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake. But at 4:00 on Thursday, I was wondering around the show floor, wondering what else I had to see. I saw a small little booth for "Scribblenauts!" in the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment section. I mean, who goes to that booth? But I remember hearing about it on GAF, and so I decided to check it out.

Best game of E3? Without a fucking doubt. Anyone who says otherwise did not play Scribblenauts. Best game of all time? Jesus Christ, I don't know, maybe. It's a game that challenges your IMAGINATION. No other game has ever done that.

So listen to this story. I was in the early levels; I didn't quite have an idea of how ridiculously in-depth the database was. I was summoning things like ladders, glasses of water, rayguns, what have you. But I reached a level with zombie robots, and the zombie robots kept killing me. Rayguns didn't work, a torch didn't work, a pickaxe didn't work. In my frustration, I wrote in "Time Machine". And one popped up. What the fuck? A smile dawned on my face. I hopped in, and the option was given to me to either travel to the past or the future. I chose past. When I hopped out, there were fucking dinosaurs walking around. I clicked one, and realized I could RIDE THEM. So I hopped on a fucking DINOSAUR, traveled back to the present, and stomped the shit out of robot zombies. Did you just read that sentence? Did you really? I FUCKING TRAVELED THROUGH TIME AND JUMPED ON A DINOSAUR AND USED IT TO KILL MOTHERFUCKING ROBOT ZOMBIES. This game is unbelievable. Impossible. There's nothing you can't do.

Holy fucking shit.

Ca a l'air surrealiste mais tous les gens qui y ont joué disent la même chose o_O

En tout cas je vais le surveiller de très très près.



#163 Ahltar


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Posté 05/06/2009 - 09:16


Je ne sais pas quoi répondre...
Un bon gros NEED me semble judicieux, pas vous ?
Image IPB

Image IPB

#164 Zak Blayde

Zak Blayde

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Posté 05/06/2009 - 10:07


"Garde ta psychanalyse pour tes copains crabes défoncés."
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"Ne laisse pas le soleil te trouer le cul William Blake."
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#165 Soulhouf



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Posté 05/06/2009 - 10:21

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas compris le concept du jeu:

5th Cell made a name for itself when it created Drawn to Life on the Nintendo DS a few years back, and strengthened its reputation with the surprisingly good Lock's Quest released about a year later. The small team has been working on what could be one of the most creative and most ambitious DS games yet. At least, that's what they want you to believe, and after playing the game at Warner Bros. Interactive's booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, I do. I really do. Don't let the simplistic visual style fool you: this is easily one of the best games at the show for any platform.

First, the concept for those who haven't been following the game: players control the game's character Maxwell whose task is simple: collect a star within the specific level. By himself he just doesn't have the means to acquire the star because they're placed in locations that are juuuuuust out of reach. So he needs help. Your help. Using your vast vocabulary of nouns, drop items in the area to help him get to that star. If there's a dirt wall in the way, call up a shovel. Need to get to higher ground? give him a set of wings.

The game has a vast amount of items to bring up, either by typing on a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard, or handwriting it in. It was difficult to come up with items that aren't represented in Scribblenauts, and if you misspell your word it will check your spelling and give you a choice of words that came close to your typo. And I checked "penis," smartguys. Not in the dictionary.

Objects also have behaviors attached to them. Watering cans can drip water, jetpacks can fly, shrink rays can reduce the size of other objects. Write Velociraptor and Stegosaurus, and watch the raptor get an easy lunch against that herbivore. Bring a werewolf in and watch him pass his lycanthropy to an innocent human. This game is all about discovery and using objects in creative ways.

The final version of Scribblenauts will feature a level creator that gives powerful construction tools to the gamer...and the creations can be transferred to other Scribblenauts owners via Wi-Fi trading. Unfortunately the E3 demo didn't have this mode implemented, but we could at least tinker around with objects with an open world "sandbox" option.

5th Cell's clearly having a blast putting in objects as inside jokes. Be sure to type in "keyboard cat" when the game ships later this year.

We'll go far more indepth with Scribblenauts after the show ends because there's so much to experience in this ambitious title that far exceeds all my expectations.

More here:



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